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What We Do


"Robert Sax knows how to turn the story of a business into a valuable marketing tool.His advice has helped many of our clients sell their goods and services successfully."

- Rick Rhoads,
Rick Rhoads and Associates,
Los Angeles



On Story-Selling

When marketing fails, it usually does so right from the start. Very often, it’s because the foundation of the marketing strategy, which
is the Story, is weak or missing altogether. The Story is the distillation of everything a product or service offers that sets it apart from the competition. It’s the one sentence message, written from the buyer’s point of view, that’s believeable, compelling and, of course, simple. It’s the message, in fact, even more than the product itself, that the audience is buying. This is what we mean by Story.

Great marketing is simply effective story-selling.


On Growing a Business

The two essential ingredients in growth are vision and partnership.Vision is about having a clear picture of where you want to be. Partnership is about your ability to find the people who can best help you get there. We’ve been gratified to play a vital role in the growth of our clients for more than a decade by sharing their vision and selling their stories. Consider all the advantages of our doing the same for you.